Markjet Announces Expanded Online Capabilities

Here follows the recent press release from Markjet, Inc., describing our expanded online capabilities and our robust product lines. First run on PRNewswire

KATONAH, N.Y., April 28, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Marking and coding equipment supplier Markjet Inc., announces their expanded online ecommerce and support capabilities. Markjet has added eCommerce capabilities to their online presence, and begun to release a suite of tools aimed at helping businesses of all sizes find the right marking, coding and printing solution.

Markjet’s recently launched eCommerce site ( offers a wide range of marking and coding solutions, including the highly capable Weber Marking line of inline marking equipment, powered by HP and Lexmark Funai inkjet printing technology.

“These machines offer an incredible range of capabilities,” said Naomi Wells, Markjet’s Director of Client Services. “Printers like the iJet or X1Jet, utilizing HP cartridge and print head technology, are capable of printing on virtually any substrate. Clients that are looking to print on anything from flat cardboard boxes, to curved glass surfaces find these to be an excellent, cost effective solution”

Speaking further about the lines of equipment Markjet carries online, Wells shared “We have a commitment to selling and servicing the highest quality, and most reliable products in the industry. That’s why we also have the Reiner line of Handheld Inkjet marking and coding products available online.”

The Reiner line includes products like the Speed-i-Marker, a handheld case-coding machine capable of printing on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates, or the jetStamp graphic 970, a handheld graphics-capable printer with a self-traversing print head.

Many of the machines Markjet offers online are capable of utilizing specialty inks that are also be available through Markjet’s online store. Therefore, not only can many of these machines print on curved or uneven surfaces, some machines are even capable of printing on glass, metal and plastic, with the use of specialty inks like the QDX series of inkjet inks.

Markjet’s online store is only one aspect of their service mission. “Markjet is committed to delivering a high-quality online and off-line customer service experience. We provide tools like online chat, and live phone support for customers. We’re even happy to provide print samples to clients researching and trying to find the right solution,” shared Wells. “We’ll provide a print on a similar surface we have in stock, or customers can send us their packaging, and we’ll mark it to their specs.”

Markjet is a supplier of marking and coding equipment for industries as diverse as aerospace contractors and parts manufacturers to small craft brewers and food purveyors. Our cartridge based inkjet technology is also clean-room safe, making it perfect for applications like the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

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