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jetStamp 1025 Sense

All of the functionalities of the original 1025 carry through to this model. It is the most flexible and function packed handheld printer ever brought to market. With the click of a button, the 1025 Sense can print up to a 1″ x 3 1/2″ imprint on both absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. 1D & 2D barcodes, graphics, logos, & alphanumerics – all accomplished in about 1 second. Perfect for logistics, repackaging & relabeling, manufacturing, parts marking, inventory management, asset tracking, warehousing, factories, supply chain & a multitude of other vertical markets and applications.

Industries & Applications

The most flexible and function packed handheld printer. From precision part marking to cutting edge ERP/Database connectivity for supply chain, logistics and everything in between – there is no application, surface, or imprint this German engineering marvel can’t handle. See the benefits of using the jetStamp 1025 Sense in the industries below:

Supply Chain & Logistics

With the ability to mark cartons, pallets, and various packaging found within the logistics & supply chain ecosystem your team will benefit from this ergonomic and robust tool. Markjet mobile printing solutions facilitate optimization and provide critical supply chain visibility. Scan barcodes and seamlessly match them to information in your database. Send required data directly to our printers in one easy workflow with ERP/Database connectivity eliminating human error and increasing traceability. Eliminate the need for peel and stick labels and inefficient stationary systems. This tool reduces cost and time spent by speeding up the marking process while in the warehouse or in transit.

Easily Print On: Cardboard, Wood, Barrels, Tubes, Plastic, Metal, Jiffy Packs and More.

Imprint Examples: Barcodes, 2D Codes, Lot Codes, Batch Codes, Serial Numbers, Exp and Mfg Dates, Time, Shift Codes, Client Identification, Product Identification, Origin & Destination Information, Etc.


Cannabis, Industrial Hemp, & CBD

The Cannabis industry is rapidly evolving and so are the regulations. The jetStamp 1025 Sense is a complete and flexible solution that will increase the speed and efficiency of your operation with its ability to print on plastic, metal, foil, paper, cardboard and any other shiny or matte surface. Clearly and accurately prints all state and federally required variable data to meet and exceed industry standards. Our products also have the capability to integrate with ERP/Database systems for track and trace. No matter the size or shape the Reiner 1025 Sense has you covered. A perfect fit for growers, processors, dispensaries, & white label distributors.

Easily Print On: Tincture Bottles, Cream & Salve Jars, Tubes, Pre-Roll Tubes, Bags, Flower Containers, Carry Out Bags, Childproof Packaging, Boxes, Pouches Etc.

Imprint Examples: Graphic, 1D & 2D Barcodes, Logos, Lot Codes For Track And Trace, CBD or THC Content, Unique Identifiers, Harvest Info, Strain Info, Exp Dates, Other Variable Data.


Food & Beverage

Need to print barcodes, graphics, expiration dates, lot numbers, batch numbers or any other variable data? The jetStamp 1025 Sense is the handheld inkjet printer for you. This printer is designed to print seamlessly on bottles, jars, pouches, bags, boxes, cans, lids, and any other absorbent or non-absorbent surfaces. With the user friendly software you can change the text size and font to fit the specific needs of each individual job. The preferred marking tool in the food & beverage industry.

Easily Print On: Bottles, Jars, Cans, Tetra Pak, Pouches, Bags, Coated and Uncoated Cardboard, Tubes, Plastic, Metal and More.


Contract Packaging

Contract manufacturing means having the flexibility and versatility to meet any one of your client’s demands. The ease of use and ability to change imprints quickly means you can adapt to any type of packaging your clients require. The jetStamp 1025 Sense gives you the capability to print onto flat, slightly curved, and rigid surfaces from short runs to high volume production. Destination information, customer information, batch codes, date codes, barcodes, etc.

Easily Print On: Coated and Uncoated Cardboard, Wood, Barrels, Tubes, Plastic, Metal and More.

Imprint Examples: Barcodes, 2D Codes, Lot Codes, Batch Codes, Serial Numbers, Exp and Mfg Dates, Time, Shift Codes, Client Identification, Etc.


Lumber & Building Materials

Replace sloppy and hard to read rubber stamps and branding irons with the Reiner state of the art lumber marking equipment. The jetStamp 1025 Sense is the only cartridge based handheld inkjet printer with a 1″ print height. Its 300 DPI cartridge offers consistent marking and coding on various types of lumber and other building materials. Keep up with state and federal regulations as well as customer requirements with the jetStamp 1025 Sense. Ensure crisp and legible impressions for all building material marking purposes.

Easily Print On: Wood, Pallets,Metal, Plastic, Cardboard, Tile, Rigid Foam Insulation, Sheet Rock, Concrete, Particle Board, Composites, and More.

Imprint Examples: Mill identification, IPPC, CE Markings, Grade Designation, Species, Seasoning, Moisture Content, UL Codes, Pressure Treated Markings, Span Ratings, Panel Grades, Eco Labels, Certification Marks, Barcodes, 2D Codes, Lot Codes, Batch Codes, Serial Numbers, Time, Shift Codes, Client Identification, Etc.


Additional Industries

  • Health Supplements & Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical
  • Part Marking
  • Aerospace
  • Government Offices
  • Security & Loss Prevention
  • Public Administration


1D & 2D Barcodes, Graphics, &
Alphanumeric Text On Virtually Any Surface:

Plastic • Metal • Cardboard • Paper • Foam • Rubber • Cloth • Wood • Ceramic • Glass

  • Fully portable handheld inkjet printer – Thermal Inkjet (TIJ)
  • Prints on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces
  • Prints single and multi-line imprints- depending on character size
  • Print area up to 1″ height x 3 1/2″ length
  • Adjustable font size- from 1/16″-1″
  • Prints Graphics, 1D and 2D barcodes, and alphanumerics
  • High Resolution 300DPI cartridge
  • Connection to Windows-based programs, merchandise management systems or barcode label software
  • Micro SD card data transfer and storage
  • Stores up to 255 Imprints
  • Lightweight: 2.1 lbs with batteries and cartridge
  • ERP/database connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Network compatible
  • Great for right and left-handed operators
  • Ergonomic handling through multi-triggering: on the side and in the middle of the handle
  • Black and Yellow Ink Options
  • Unique Self-traversing printhead
  • 4 Rechargeable AA Batteries
  • This equipment is only compatible with PC computers. Not MAC compatible

Imprints May Appear Larger Or Smaller, Depending On Your Viewing Screen.

  • Reiner P5-MP3 Black Solvent Based Ink Cartridge – for non-absorbent/non-porous surfaces. For plastic, metal, coated paper and cardboard – Model 1025 (MJP5MP3BK) (Click To View Product)
  • Reiner P5-SBK Black Water Based Ink Cartridge For Absorbent Surfaces- Model 1025 (EMBKP5S) (Click To View Product)
  • AA Gold Peak Rechargeable Batteries (Set of 4) (MJ1025BAT) (Click To View Product)
  • Autotrigger Base Station for Model 1025 (MJPT10373000-000) (Click To View Product)
  • Stainless Steel Application Templates for Model 1025 (MJ1037240-000) (Click To View Product)
P5-MP3-BK Ink for 1025

jetStamp 1025 Sense

Durable, function packed, lightweight, ergonomic, portable, user friendly solution for printing variable data. Any surface, any industry, anytime.