CAMI JetMobile127 & CAMI JetMobile254

The CAMI JetMobile 127 & CAMI JetMobile 254 are robust handheld marking and coding solutions for printing high resolution graphics, barcodes, and alphanumeric text on a wide array of substrates. These printers are lightweight & portable and have an integrated 5″ touch screen controller for easy operation, programming, and review of message data. Printing onto corrugated boxes, metal, lumber, palates, plastic, in single and multi-line formatting has never been easier. The CAMI JetMobiles got you covered whether you need to print on absorbent or non-absorbent surfaces. Industrial strength, crisp imprints, and mobility on the go!

These printers come complete with software. User friendly and easy set up.

This printer is available in 2 versions:

CAMI Jet127 1/2" Cartridge

CAMI JetMobile127

Single 1/2″ Printhead


CAMI JetMobile254

Single 1″ Printhead

Common Industries And Substrates For The CAMI JetMobile Printers

The CAMI JetMobile 127 & CAMI JetMobile 254 offer solutions for a wide range of packaging colors & materials. These units will adapt to your production line. Designed to accommodate industries such as: lumber, building materials, breweries, supply chain, logistics, parts, contract packaging, food, beverage, medical device, pharmaceutical, and more.

Lumber and Building Materials




The CAMI JetMobile Printers are thermal inkjet cartridge-based technology! What does this mean for you and your production?

  • Zero Maintenance Systems
  • Eliminate all of your costly inkjet maintenance contracts
  • No spills or mess as the ink is completely contained – in fact, they’re used in pharmaceutical clean rooms
  • Brand new printhead with each new cartridge- ensuring the highest print quality for the lifetime of your printer
  • Virtually zero downtime
  • Array of ink colors available- Print on light & dark surfaces
  • Array of ink types available- Water Based, Quick Dry, Covert and Overt UV options
  • Switch between colors within the same unit – no need for multiple units to accommodate different ink colors
  • No need to keep spare parts on hand
  • No complicated purging or shutdown procedures
  • No Hazmat waste- dispose of cartridges in your normal waste stream or return for our recycling program
  • Low cost per imprint

Coding needs may vary based on application, customer, substrate, & regulations but consistency and quality are paramount across the board when looking for a marking and coding system and team to trust.

As configurations and accessories vary depending on environment, application, and/or customer specifications, our sales team will work with you to ensure you’re purchasing the best solution for your project(s).

  • Linux security operating system and combined high-speed printing management system
  • High-quality content, high-speed printing, up to 406m / min
  • Network-related product information can be queried
  • Calculate printing cost of each message
  • Support GS1 DataMatrix Codes
  • Compatible with multiple models of electronic scales, and can translate and print the weight, price, and barcodes
  • Supports wireless keyboards and mouse
  • Supports scanner input information
  • 1-6 gray scale adjustment
  • Features double-row alternating mode. The left and right rows of ink nozzles are alternately activated to prevent nozzle clogging and effectively extend the life of the ink cartridges
  • Inkjet Printer with AM3358 industrial-grade high-performance CPU and Spartan6 industrial-grade high-computing FPGA as the core control chip, it can easily process various variable printing data in the case of high-speed printing.
  • Strategic hardware layout using anti-interference industrial electronic components, ensures excellent printing in harsh environments.
  • The integrated motherboard design is more reliable than the letter board design, and the data transmission interaction is faster, more stable, and safer.
  • Machine Type: CAMI 127HH Thermal Inkjet Printer
  • Nozzle Type: Thermal Inkjet
  • Nozzle Number: 1
  • Resolution: Maximum: 600DPI
    Vertical Options: 100DPI, 150DPI, 300DPI, 600DPI
    Horizontal Options: 30-600DPI precision adjustment
  • Print Height: 1mm-12.7mm (up to ≈1/2″) or 1mm-25.4mm (up to ≈1″)
  • Throw Distance: Up to 5mm
  • Single & Multi Lines: Prints single and multi-line imprints- depending on character size
  • Print Speed: 406m/min(90DPI), 304m/min(120DPI), 240m/min (150DPI), 120m/min(300DPI), 60m/min(600DPI)
  • Print Objects: 1D & 2D Barcodes, graphics, text, date, time, sequential numbering
  • Barcodes: CODE11, C25INTER, CODE39, EXCODE39, EAN13, EAN13x, CODE128, CODE16K, CODE49, CODE93, UPCA, UPCE, EAN14, VIN, NVE18
  • 2D Codes: QRcode, DataMatrix, MicroQRcode, PDF417, MICROPDF417
  • Counter: More than 20 independent counters
  • Substrates: Cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, pipes, stone, cables, electronic components, auto parts, industrial chemical packaging, pharmaceutical, medical, food, beverage, Cannabis/Hemp/CBD packaging, gift boxes
  • Ink Types: Solvent, water-based, oil, food grade
  • Ink Colors: CAMI JetMobile127 – Black, yellow, white, red, blue, green, UV | CAMI JetMobile254 – Black, yellow
  • Operating System: Embedded Linux security operating system
  • Display Screen: 5 inch color display, industrial touch screen
  • Main Hardware: American TI AM3358 industrial grade CPU, American Xilinx Spant9 industrial grade FPGA, TIJ dedicated ASIC chip
  • Communication Interface: Charging interface, USB, RS232
  • External Interface: Photo cell, encoder, invert and reverse control
  • Multilingual: Supports more than 40 national languages (English, Spanish, French, Arabic, German, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Danish, Russian, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, etc.
  • Power Adaptor: Input 100-240V AC; output 12.6V DC, 3Amp (Charger)
  • Battery Parameters: 12.6V/ 3350 mAh lithium battery pack (supports a single removable lithium battery)
  • Machine Construction: ABS, PC, Metal
  • Working Environment: Temperature 32°-113° F
  • Related Certification: RoHS, CE, FCC
  • Lightweight & mobile
  • Built-in cartridge design
  • Ergonomically designed- suitable for right and left handed users
  • Maximum print height: CAMI JetMobile127 12.7mm (≈1/2″) & CAMI JetMobile254 25.4mm (≈1″)
  • Single & Multi Lines: Prints single and multi-line imprints within print parameters
  • Quick and easy cartridge installation and removal
  • Integrated encoder calculates printing speed
  • Replaceable battery
  • RFID non-contact chip identifies ink type and selects the optimal printing parameters
  • Automatically calculates remaining ink quantity and predicts the number of possible imprints based on the amount of ink left in a cartridge
  • Clean cartridge technology. Each new cartridge contains a brand new printhead.
  • Ink cartridge preheating function, can heat the nozzle in low temperature environments to maintain consistent printing
  • 42ml ink cartridge, option to connect to a large-capacity ink bag or continuous ink supply system to ensure the continuity of printing
CAMI JetMobile 127

CAMI JetMobile 127

CAMI JetMobile 127 1/2″ Printer

CAMI Jet Mobile 254

CAMI JetMobile 254

CAMI JetMobile 254 1″ Printer