Paper & Cardboard Applications


We have a wide assortment of equipment designed for economical and reliable printing on paper, untreated cardboard, and most porous surfaces. If you’re marking paperwork, files and patient charts, or financial documents, the speed-i-Jet may be just the device for your office or administrative needs. Or perhaps you’re printing larger characters on the outside of cardboard boxes by hand, to you we offer the speed-i-Marker to increase efficiency and save you time.


Do you need to mark cardboard packages in an inline packaging environment, well our inline printers offer safe, reliable operation that is both economical as well as ecologically friendly. Browse our inline components and full marking and coding solutions, or call or email and our knowledgeable and courteous staff will be glad to help you find the right solution.

For Paper & Cardboard Printing We Recommend


The Speed-I-Jet 798


The Speed-I-Marker 940


The jetStamp Graphic 970